Our website is the online presence of an idea created by Georgios Starakis, CEO of Astir Association, early on 2014. The increasing demand for rental cars in Greece due to the huge tourists’ interest for this country alongside the economical crisis locally seemed to be a gonimo environment of such entrepreneurship.

Too many people have been locking their 2nd even 3rd car in their garage to save peritta money 💰 . Others, wanted to sell their second or unused car, to earn some money. But as you know when you sell, You only sell once which is also #CarIsCash ‘s Moto. Instead, people can register for free their unused car in our platform and they have to choose between 2 choices.

The first one is to provide us with the right to hire their car and share 50-50 the earnings or the second choice is just register their car into our platform so they can fully manage their property and earnings too. They only provide us for leitourgiko costs of our platform by 10% of every rental intake.

That is the field of car is cash , and to be able to work such a project, there was the need of an online presence and platform.


Our managed web design and SEO agency WordPressMoneyOnline built this website for CarIsCash. Both companies are members of the Astir Association group. Visit Astir’s website to find out its partners and take discounts provided you are serviced at least once by one of our companies.